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health conscious


Are you the health conscious customer who is looking for a crisp and aromatic alternative to alcohol? Bombatah Minler advanced Gin &Tonic is here for you. We have taken our time to triple-distil our gin with selected botanicals to give it unique, authentic flavour and quality that you cannot resist.


With its roots in India, Bombatah Minler represents the very best of the land to give you a good time drink that you will love to the very last drop. We use a privately developed recipe that has been tried and tested over the years and refined to give the best-advanced gin to date.

blend of flavours

our botanicals

When mixing our botanicals, we made sure that we do not come out as very intense. We had our eyes on a gin that taste like gin and on dome blend of flavours. Therefore, we selected our botanicals carefully and determined the amounts of flavour from each that would get to the gin. The result was a simple blend that has a unique taste in your mouth and no after taste. To add to the crisp taste is the citrus twist in our gin that makes it good without having to add some lemon slice garnish when creating your gin and tonic cocktail.

smoked blue glass bottle

our brand

Our smoked blue glass bottle packaging was a result of painstaking research for a package that represents the ideals of our brand. We reviewed several designs and colour choices and settled on the smoky dark blue colour and a tall embossed glass. You can carry it will ease and make it part of your bar decor to attract more ravellers. Our gin is packed in a 700ml bottle. It is also sealed for extra safety and guarantee. Do not accept the gin if the seal is tampered or missing

Bombatah Minler is your favourite gin for gin cocktails and that evening drink before you retire to bed. Our select flavours give you a choice depending on your preference. We have gone a step further to give our advanced gin a classic feel so that you bring back the good old times and relax your mind as you wind down the evening. You can use the gin with several recipes and variations as you may wish. Some of the popular recipes will be posted on our blog from time to time. Be sure to keep checking our website for the new recipes from our clients around the world.

Bombatah Minler advanced gin is now available in the UK at select wine and liquor stockist but will soon be available across the country. Add our advanced gin to your long list of advanced gins and treat yourself as well as your friends to a special cocktail with the finest gin from India.

You can contact us for business, cocktail workshops and more information on +12 67895 or drop us a line at our contact form. There will be someone ready to answer your questions.
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As always, the alcohol should be taken by individuals over the age of 18 years. Do not drink and drive. Drink responsibly.