About us

We are a premium liquor distillery in India. We have been on the market for the last five years serving it with high-quality advanced gin.


We have two distilleries in India. One located in New Delhi and the other one located in Mumbai. The New Delhi one was the first, but as the demand for our brand rose, we had to open another one in a much larger space which became available in Mumbai. Each of our facilities has hired over 150 staff members most of which are professionals in the locality.

We boast of modern distillery facilities and utilise vacuum distillation process, a departure from the common copper pot distillation process. In vacuum distillation, also known as low-temperature distillation, mixtures are distilled without heating. This preserves the ingredients of our drinks in their natural condition. This has also helped us deal with the strong after taste brought about by boiling the mixture during distillation.

ISO certification

All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified. ISO 9001:2015 certification is essentially a quality management systems certification awarded to companies that are consistent in producing products that meet the statutory and customer requirements. We have been able to produce a high-quality drink and improved on our process over the years. Therefore, we assure you that you get what we promise to give.

Our staff

Our team of 320+ strong members are our biggest strength in delivering quality brands. All the innovations we have made over the years come from our staff ranging from the selection of the flavours to the design of the bottle. The dedicated ladies and gentlemen are the face behind our premium gin brands in the market. We strive to continually improve our staff members by sponsoring training and further studies, continually improving the conditions of work and enhancing their benefits packages. We believe that healthy staff are also productive.


Apart from the staff, we have a long list of suppliers and business partners that go into enhancing our operations. We appreciate our role in contributing towards the economy. Our partnerships range from the farmers to logistics and packaging companies and even smaller companies like the Thai คลิกที่นี่เพื่ออ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับHappyLuke. We are always welcoming new partners on board as we grow our brand. When we pull our synergies together, we are able to deliver a quality product on time to the market. We are open for business at all time.

Corporate social responsibility

Being part of a wide community, we are expected to support the society by helping improve the lives of its members. At Bombatah Minler, we have been at the forefront of promoting education in poverty-stricken areas. We believe that quality education is a key to fighting poverty. To this end, we have sponsored several bright students from poor backgrounds to help them achieve their dreams. Moreover, we have also invited many attaches from such backgrounds to work with us and get linkages in the market.

In addition, we take steps to ensure a cleaner and greener environment. In the past, we have taken part in numerous street cleaning activities to rid the street of plastics. Moreover, we undertook a tree planting exercise in early 2017 in our premises and areas around it. We have also partnered with the local authorities to provide trash bins around the city. A clean and green environment is a healthy environment that promotes innovation and high production.

As we continue expanding in different markets around the world, we plan to take part in community activities in every market that we get in. We appreciate the society for giving a chance to serve our clients. That is why we take steps in enhancing the well-being the communities around us.