Cocktail Recipes



The cocktail is one of our favorite drinks during parties because of its colorful taste that comes from the mix of alcohol and fruits or other ingredients. This simulated liquor has been consumed for over a century and is still loved by millions. Before we dive into many cocktail recipes, let us share a quick fact about it. During the prohibition time when alcohol was illegal in the United States, cocktails were still being produced illegally! That’s how people love this drink! Let’s wait no more and learn about the various different ways that you can make cocktails at home!



Mojito is a very famous cocktail that was born in Cuba’s Havana. It is a classic party drink that you can make easily with a few ingredients! The items you need are sugar, mint, zesty lime, white rum, and soda water.
At first, you need to take a small jug and then muddle sugar, lime juice, and mint leaves there. Make sure you crush the mint well so that its flavor escapes from the leaves into the cocktail. After that, take a glass and pour the ingredients there.
Now comes the rum. You need to pour it into the glass while using a spoon to stir it. Then, you can use soda water to top up the drink, and for garnish, use some mints. There you go, you have a classic mojito cocktail ready to serve!


Rhubarb Gin

Rhubarb gin is another famous cocktail that many people love! If you love the taste of rhubarb, you surely need to try out this drink! For this, you need sugar, gin, and of course, rhubarb. The perfect amount would be a kilogram of rhubarb stalks, 800ml of gin, and caster sugar of about 400 grams. This will help you make two liters of rhubarb gin.
First, prepare the rhubarb stalk by washing them, and cutting leaves or any kind of unnecessary parts like the base, and then trim the stalks. After that, you need to cut the stalks into smaller pieces. Take a jar, and mix the rhubarb pieces with the sugar, shake it nicely. For the best taste, you should keep the mixture like that for a day as the sugar helps take out the juice of rhubarb.
After a day, you can add the 800ml of gin, then shake it well for the flavor to release. The best taste of this drink will be when you keep it for about 3-4 weeks. If you wish, you can filter out the rhubarb. However, many people like to drink it the way it is.

Espresso Martini

Coffee and alcohol? Yes, please! The espresso martini is a unique type of cocktail that any coffee lover would want! It mixes coffee with alcohol and makes a very refreshing drink. For making a nice glass of espresso martini, you are required to have golden caster sugar of around a hundred grams, 100ml of vodka, some coffee beans if you have them, ice, 50ml of coffee liqueur and the same amount of espresso coffee.
Make sugar syrup with the golden caster sugar by adding 50ml of water and heating it. After you have made the syrup, wait until it’s cold. When it’s ready, add a tablespoon of it in a cocktail shaker and put vodka, ice, coffee liqueur, and espresso, then proceed to shake it.
After that, you can serve your quickly made espresso martini. It is best to serve them into cold glasses that were kept in the freezer. You can use coffee beans for garnish.


Vodka Martini

Vodka martini is one of the easiest cocktails to make. If you are having a quick party or want to have some cocktail without too much hassle, you can consider making this. For vodka martini, you only need a few ingredients. You will need vodka of around 60ml, dry vermouth of one tablespoon, and something to garnish.
Take a cocktail shaker or a jar, and then mix vodka with ice and dry vermouth. After that, strain the martini in a glass and garnish. Usually, we use a lemon peel or olive.



Want to refresh yourself with the 1920s classic cocktail? You would definitely like a sidecar! It is a simple one that takes around five minutes to make and requires only four ingredients. You need around 25ml of lemon juice and triple sec, some ice, and 50ml cognac for this cocktail.
Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake it nicely until you feel it getting cold. After that, serve it into a chilled glass. Generally, you would want to put a glass into the freezer before making it. You can add bitters of Angostura while serving.


Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry mojito is an excellent drink to enjoy in the summer, and if you like strawberries, this is a must-have drink for you! This recipe of strawberry mojito takes 5 minutes to make, and you can serve six glasses with it! As for ingredients, you need around ten strawberries, granulated sugar (2 tablespoons), ice, two chopped limes, two mint springs, sparkling water (600ml), white rum (350ml).
Take a big jug and add strawberries, sugar, and lime for muddling them. Add bruised mint leaves into the jug and then add ice, water, and rum into it. There, your strawberry mojito is prepared! Make sure to stir it nicely before drinking to get the excellent taste!
These are some of the easy recipes of a few cocktails. If you are someone who does not want to add alcohol to the cocktail, you may think that there is no way you can ever enjoy them. But that’s not true! Our non-alcoholic beverage can be a replacement item to alcohol and can be used in cocktails. So, no matter if you are trying to get off alcohol or someone who cannot drink it, you can still enjoy excellent cocktails with our non-alcoholic drink! Make sure to visit our homepage to learn more about the drink and ask us anything you want to know!