free spins no wagering casinos casumo and oranje casino partnering with Bombatah Minler

The collaboration with the free spins no wagering casinos casumo and oranje casino

We from Bombatah Minler wanted to get more brand awareness, so we did an amazing collaboration with some free spins no wagering casinos. Let me first tell you something about the drink for the future!
The bombatah Minler is the advanced Gin & Tonic. We have taken our time to triple-distil our gin with selected botanicals to give it unique, authentic flavour and quality that you cannot resist.
With its roots from India, Bombatah represents the very best and will make you love the drink till the very last drop. We use an authentic secret recipe, which we attend to keep a secret!

To get a bit more exposure in the United Kingdom, we worked together with online casinos. There are a lot of conferences every year in the igaming industry. There is a conference every few months at different locations. On those conferences a lot of casinos have a stand where they can promote themselves and also get more exposure. Every stand has different things, some casinos give a lot of gadgets giveaways and other casinos want to have the best drinks and that’s where we came in. we provided Oranje Casino, Casumo and Go Wild Casino with the best Bombatah Minler drinks.
The people at the conferences love Gin & Tonics. It was constantly busy at all three stands. The meaning of the conferences are closing deals between casinos and affiliates while having a drink. There were all type of casinos, like online casinos with their own character, online casino’s met fruitautomaten, casinos focussed on betting and a lot more. Oranje casino had a wheel of fun, if you spinned the wheel right, you could win oranje casino free spins. At casumo they made a quiz, because they really wanted to know what the affiliates thought of them and what they could improve within the casino, so they got a honest casumo review. And a lot of other casinos gave away free stuff, like power banks, watches, notebooks and more.