Gokkasten Spelen Joins Our New Cocktail Workshop

Bombatah Minler has finally reached different markets around the world and to celebrate this great news, we came up with something special and unique. Bombatah Minler can now proudly present our fun and refreshing cocktail workshop, which will be organized in our most favorite market: the United Kingdom! Since the United Kingdom is our first successful market, Bombatah Minler decided to kick off our new concept in this particular area. Every week our team of highly trained and skilled cocktail shakers will be ready and waiting for you to join the amazing flavor experience. Together with our partners from London, we will develop multiple pop-up cocktail bars that will be spreaded all over the entire city. With the help of ten different locations, we will offer our customers a healthy and educational hotspot. Are you ready to be introduced to the ultimate experience of learning, mixing and tasting?

Our professional cocktail shakers are carefully selected on their knowledge about our signature drink and the distillation process. Besides this process, they are fully experienced in the combination of botanicals and our two distinct flavours. Bombatah Minler strives to continually improve our staff members by sponsoring training, courses and studies about our product.
While participating our cocktail workshop, Bombatah Minler will be daring you to experiment with different botanicals in order to create your own unique kind of drink. Participants are able to try out botanicals such as coriander, nutmeg, star anise and sage. The possibilities are endless, which will result in a customized version of our traditional Bombatah Minler. During the workshop, our cocktail shakers will assist the participants by advising them about the explosive flavors and combinations. The workshop will provide all the ingredients, flavor elements and our two different Bombatah Minler editions; Bombatah Minler dry premium and the Bombatah Minler Light.

The idea of the concept has been established a year ago, when we received a request from a Dutch company called Gokkasten Spelen. This company was interested in a teambuilding activity and were specifically looking for a cocktail workshop. The CEO of Gokkasten Spelen is a national liquor wholesaler in the Netherlands and got introduced to Bombatah Minler while visiting the United Kingdom. He immediately got very excited about the flavors and wanted to add Bombatah Minler to this stock. Since then, he is one of our biggest suppliers in this particular kind of market. Now that we managed our first cocktail workshop together with Gokkasten Spelen, we decided to launch an entire new concept. The cocktail workshop will start this summer and the drawings of our new pop-up bars are already finished. Soon we will start with the construction process and the announcement of the ten different locations.

Would you like to participate our cocktail workshop in one of our pop-up bar? Are you looking for the ultimate team building activity, just like Gokkasten Spelen? Keep an eye on our website for more updates and information, or follow us on Facebook in order to see more details about the new concept! Prizes, dates and locations will soon be announced on our website.