Five years ago, a team of drink enthusiasts came together with an aim to come up with a drink that was not highly perfumed and at the same time give it a characteristic taste with extracts from India. India is an expansive country with plenty of botanicals that can be used in just any drink. Initially, the team composed of three entrepreneurial founders who were supported by a large team of creative influencers and professional distillers.

The first plant was in New Delhi. Despite there being other brands in the market, Bombatah Minler was well received by the target clients around India. It soon became one of the leading gin brands in the market. Most clients loved the smooth blend of its notes which made it not too perfumed but at the same time not too flat.

One of the characteristics of the distillation process is that our gin followed the tried and tested distillation processes. We went for vacuum distillation process that got rid of the sharp after taste often found in gins that are distilled in copper pots. The processes also resulted in a dry and fresh gin. You will find our gin smoother than most classic brands on the market today.

Buoyed by this success, the team embarked on improving the drink with a better balancing of the notes and enhanced quality management process. This refined the drink, even more, making it one of the premium gin brands in the market. Over the time, the brand expanded to markets out of India particularly Germany, Austria and United States.

The brand has set foot in the UK amid an overwhelming welcome. We are now in major wine and liquor stockists across the country and many bars. We owe our success to the determined entrepreneurs and creative staff that have put their knowledge and insight into developing a drink that we all love.

We now have two distilleries and are working on other brands and notes to cater for other needs in the market. We are gradually gaining traction in many gin markets, and we appreciate the overwhelming support that we have received from all our client worldwide.

Our smoky blue packaging makes our gin conspicuous among other brands on the shelves. We have ensured that the brand is affordable to every middle-class lover of gin. We believe that that high quality should not be necessarily too expensive. In addition, Bombatah Minler is also available in some online stores a list of which is available on this website. Check the brand in your favourite liquor retailer or just by it online.

Enjoy your Bombatah Minler gin and tonic cocktail knowing that the best craftsmanship has been put together a quality gin to enhance your best moments in life.