The drink

Bombatah Minler is created for the healthy and conscious consumer who is looking for a good time drink that will not necessarily leave him or her drunk and without hangovers in the morning. It can be taken in a business meeting in the evening, at a cocktail party or alone at home when one is winding down the night. It is slow in sugar and has a perfect balance of notes to eliminate the sharp after taste found in many gins.

The botanicals

We have made our drink with a blend of ten botanicals that give it the characteristic flavour and smoothness. These botanicals include the gin extract, allspice, lemon peel, cardamom, star anise and cloves. We also have a hint of juniper, sage, coriander seed and nutmeg flavours in our drink. The orange peels give it the characteristic bitter taste, but nutmeg lowers the sharpness with a woody after taste. The juniper and sage add a floral touch to our drink while at the same time not going overboard regarding sharpness.

Bombatah Minler comes in two distinct flavours that appeal to different groups in the market. Here are the brands

Bombatah Minler dry premium

With Bombatah Minler Dry Premium, you will notice the coriander seeds and the lemon peel once you take the first drink. The flavour was created for those who love the lightly textured gin with a deeper taste of lemon. You will find that the drink is a little bitter but does not leave a sharp after taste in the mouth. Interestingly, you will also feel the taste of Juniper in your drink. We have made efforts to ensure that the delicate mix of our flavours does not lead to the loss of any of the flavours in our drink. Dry Premium drinkers can improve on the lemon taste by garnishing it with a wedge or a slice of lemon when preparing their drink.

On the packaging, the Bombatah Minler Dry Premium has lemon leaf and wedge under the brand name to show its slightly lemon flavour for ease of identification by the buyers. Give it a try today.

Bombatah Minler Light

Bombatah Minler Light is created for those who love the floral taste and prefer a light drink. Unlike the premium drink, this gin has a distinguishable taste of sage and juniper. These two give it a flowery taste but different from the citrus perfume in many brands today. Bombatah Minler Light does not leave a sharp after taste in the mouth. Most people who are starting on gin find it a good start due to its light notes. Moreover, its light tones make it ideal for use with many gin and tonic recipes around the world. It rarely changes the taste of any ingredients added to it. Our customers from the United States fondly call the drink ‘ the light summery drink’ as it augers well with the floral outdoors of the spring and summer seasons. Both of the brands are packaged in bottles of 700ml sealed at the opening with a removable strip. The Bombatah Minler Light bottle is slightly shorter but wide with flat sides.